Decluttering Your Home
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With more stuff than you probably need or want, decluttering before a move can seem overwhelming, but you don’t want to pay movers to move or store items you don’t use, love or want. Here are some tips to make it quicker and easier:  

Start Small
Label moving boxes for selling, donating or throwing away. List items you want to sell online, or take them to a consignment store. When the donation box is full, take it to the Salvation Army or non-profit of your choice. Throw away broken items you’ll never repair and stained clothing you’ll never wear.

Pick a Schedule
How many days till you move? Devote an hour a day, a day to a room, or a weekend per floor – whatever your schedule permits.  The goal is to make moving day faster and easier.

Pack as You Go
As you declutter, move items that you want to keep but don’t need right away like out-of-season clothes or holiday dishes into moving boxes. Tape them closed and label what’s inside and what room it should be moved to in your next home. Store the boxes out of the way, in the garage, basement, or a storage facility.

Let Go
You may be holding onto things you don’t want because you feel guilty. What you paid for the item or who gave it to you as a gift doesn’t matter. Let the feeling of obligation go.

Decluttering has its benefits. You’ll be better organized and feel far less stress.